Destiny in Muslim Dating

 So you’re a Muslim, nearing the age for dreaded Mithaq, you know you’ll have to do it one day and are routinely being tapped on your shoulder from some relative or another with cheeky mumblings informing you to get married, to get married now!

Traditionally, one would get married via an arranged marriage. It has to be said arranged marriages are viable options and have been an ongoing tradition for hundreds of years, probably the most prominent source of marriage in your family, even today. They’re definitely an interesting way to conjoin with another in the union of holy matrimony and most certainly not how to media portray them. Of course you will have an active say in whether you want to wed your perspective bride or groom or not but there are numerous drawbacks. The sheer thought of entering a long, lifelong union with someone who your parents have wilfully selected may fill one with trepidation and unease.

In the 21st century it can be awfully hard to find someone who you like, someone who shares the same mutual feelings as you, never mind someone who has like-for-like values. In these tough times, in this difficult economic climate and the evident reality of more and more Muslims living in increasingly sparsely populated Muslim areas, arranged marriages seem to be ‘the easy option’ so more and more young Muslims are choosing this option. A process in which you don’t love your bride or groom but are forced to grow to love. A process in which your family’s interests may outweigh yours, maybe to get a higher social standing in the community – this is so 20th century.

Internet matrimony sites have also had its fair share of negative press in the media, ‘overpriced services for desperate people’ I heard one commentator speak of it but that’s certainly not the case. In the hustle and bustle of this era it’s increasingly hard to find your soul-mate, instead we’re being matched up with barely adequate candidates in a bid to appease. With limited time-constraints in life nowadays, I think it’s safe to say you couldn’t find as much information about the person who may be a life-long friend anywhere else.

Muslim matrimony websites also have many drawbacks. At, we have been sifted through them all and frankly we were disgusted by the commercial to eradicate all of the negative sides to internet matrimony sites and launch internet dating for Muslims...for free. revolutionises the act of marital engagement, with our brand new website you now have control of who you will spend your life with. We don’t Bible-bash, Koran-bash even, we just want you to have a blast of a time chatting with other singles. You and your potential life partner will be able to make decisions whether you want to just be friends or something more. Utilising our fine platform will allow you to greet and meet a plethora of people, a plethora of Muslim candidates. You will no longer have to just have to marry a barely adequate candidate, you’ll have the opportunity to find your perfect partner. With thousands of listings from all across the globe, you’ll be bound to find the Mr (/s) Perfect. You will be in control of your destiny. Destiny has brought you to and destiny will allow you to choose your next date. Our website allows you to meet befriend singles and have the opportunity to meet face to face, with like-minded people whom share common cultural values – pivotal to a successful relationship.

Destiny has formed this website, your destiny beholds the freedom of choice of partner, who you will spend your lifetime with. As The Holy Koran says ‘Give Allah Time’, with time you’ll find your perfect partner. So be true to yourself and what you’re searching for and love will find you. Good luck on your quest, not that you’ll need it. Reason being is that our website is 100% free, yes that means it’s completely free. The Holy Koran explicitly states that patience is a virtue in life, patience calls for time. On virtually every other dating site, time means money. Not here, the worst thing about dating sites is that you have that ever-lasting worry that you’re running out of credit or that the site might discontinue a conversation due to lack of funds, with you will never have to worry. We are, by name and by nature. Destiny brought us to the interweb, destiny shall bring you to your soul-mate. You are destiny’s child. You are a survivor. Enjoy your life, live long and prosper.

Allah Akbar.


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